We offer our clients a full range of tax and accountancy services and we focus on providing a personalised & tailored service for each client.

Our friendly & experienced team works with companies, partnerships and individuals.

Our clients range in size from single-employee businesses up to middle-size companies.

As each client is very different indeed, we take a personalised and flexible approach, tailoring our services in line with each of our clients’ requirements.

About us
About us

The tax advisory company Florkowska & Konarski
was established in 2001.

In the next years we developed our activities by including accounting advisory and accountancy services. In 2006 our offer was extended to cover certified public auditing.

Our advisers have wide experience of rendering the advisory services, gathered during the long term practice in an international auditing firm.

We work in Polish, German and English. The knowledge in the area of the international tax and accountancy law enables us to deliver qualified services for Polish clients making investments abroad, and for foreign investors in Poland.

Our purpose is to ensure professional and optimal client-tailored service.

Florkowska & Konarski is since March 2020 a member of the WIRAS Verbund International. This membership extends our engagement in the international tax advice and enables us to provide professional services to our clients with the support of this global network.


The basic element of our activities is providing tax advisory services. We render the services in a full and complex range of tax law. We specialize in tax consultancy, preparing tax opinions and representing our clients in the proceedings before tax authorities and before the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA).

We also provide accounting advisory and accountancy services. The accountancy services are rendered by qualified accountants and supervised by tax advisers.

Acting in accordance with the rules of the professional ethic, obligatory for tax advisers, we guarantee to maintain silence for all information received from our clients within the scope of tax and accounting service.

In compliance with the tax advisory law, our company is insured against third-party risk connected with rendering tax advisory services. We also have an optional insurance, enclosing the provision of tax advisory and accounting services.

Tax advisory

Tax advisory services are the main field of our activity. The services are rendered only by licensed tax advisers. We have experience in tax advisory in the range of various projects, including, among others, mergers & acquisitions and cross-border transactions. We provide a full range of taxation advisory services for small and medium sized enterprises or individuals.

In particular our tax advisory services include:

  • current tax advisory,
  • representing clients in tax proceedings before tax authorities and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA),
  • tax due diligence,
  • consultancy in the scope of transfer pricing,
  • structural tax advising services,
  • consultancy in the scope of international tax law,
  • tax advisory and social insurance advisory for foreigners employed in Poland.

Accounting services

Our activities in the range of accounting services include the maintenance of company accounts and preparation of payrolls. At the client's request we also keep the personnel records.

We offer reporting which conforms to the client's request and needs. The reports can be prepared in Polish, German or English. Our accounting services are supervised by tax advisers.

Within the scope of accounting activities we render the following services:

  • financial accounting,
  • preparation of tax returns,
  • preparation of the financial statement according to the Polish law, German law (HB II) or International Accounting Standards,
  • monitoring of duties and payment performance,
  • preparation of payrolls,
  • preparation of the social security returns (ZUS) related to remuneration,
  • keeping the personnel records.
  • advice in preparation of financial statements according to the Polish law, German law (HB II) and International Accounting Standards,
  • advice in preparation the charts of accounts, documents circulation instructions, inventory instructions.


We render certified public auditing and accounting advisory services in full and complex range of accountancy law. Our services include:     

  • auditing of annual accounts and consolidated statements under the Polish law,
  • auditing of annual accounts and consolidates statements according to IAS/IRFS,
  • auditing upon change the corporate form and mergers,
  • account books revision.

FLORKOWSKA & KONARSKI is a team of experienced tax advisers, auditors, accountants and payroll specialists. All of them constantly learn to improve their qualifications and to keep track of the changes in the tax and business environment. That is why we successfully find solutions which fully take into account the economic interest of our clients.

The founders of FLORKOWSKA & KONARSKI and managing partners are:

Krystyna Florkowska

  • Polish tax advisor
  • Polish certified public accountant

Languages: Polish, German, English

Specialization: income taxes, international tax law, tax procedure

tel. +48 606 412 301

Computer science and mathematics studies at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, tax advisor 1999, head of The Tax Department of an international auditing firm in Kraków (1999-2001), certified public accountant - 2007.


Accountancy and finance studies in Kraków (1989-1992), Urząd Kontroli Skarbowej in Kraków (1994-2000) - the tax examination authority, examination for the tax advisor 1998, examination for the certified accountant, tax advisor in an international auditing firm in Kraków (2000-2002), certified public accountant (2007).


Stanisław Konarski

  • Polish tax advisor
  • Polish certified public accountant

Languages: Polish, English

Specialization: VAT, excise duty, tax procedure

tel. +48 606 412 304


Advisory services

The fees for advisory services are strictly connected with the time exposure and are based on hourly rates. Together with every invoice our client receives a detailed activity report. In case of precisely defined advisory tasks we offer a flat-rate fee.

Accountings services

The fee for accounting services depends on the number of accounting vouchers and employees in a given accounting period. In individual cases we agree on a flat-rate fee.
For the preparation of a financial statement we propose a double fee in the amount of an average monthly consideration for keeping company accounts in a given financial year.

The cooperation terms are arranged individually to conform to the client's request. The information about hourly rates and a standard draft agreement is attainable directly in the office or per e-mail


Let’s talk about how we can help you?

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